The Camper that Got Away

At the beginning of last summer I AGAIN checked out Craig’s List….just to look (she says).  I had,  by this point,  read a few articles and looked at a few pictures of some cute glamped up campers (‘Glamper’ is short for glamorous camping).  Interesting…women who fix up these old campers that no one seems to care about turning them into compact doll houses, complete with cute dishes, tablecloths, bed linens, pillows, and even chandeliers!  Did they really CAMP in these???  If so, this could be my style of camping…unlike the manly version of plaid shirts, canvas tents, stinky sleeping bags, guns, and a can of beans.  Yes..I could do THIS!

Anyway, there it was. (it’s the picture featured on this post)  On Craig’s list and born the very same year as myself.  It was old and  it was not exactly beautiful.  Rather plain and ugly to be exact.  The inside certainly didn’t look like the few pictures I had seen.   I called the man in Michigan and he told me all about this ‘beauty’ and how fixing them up was a real mission, total passion, hard work, and not something to be taken lightly.  This didn’t exactly seem like a good way to sell something to me!   He seemed to sense that I had no clue what I was even thinking about, let alone doing.  I told him that this was something that I was interested in, but would maybe (ya think?) hire someone to do some work if I got this camper.  He let out a big sigh and said that he would send me more information by email and quickly hung up the phone.   So…he proceeded to send me more pictures and I set a date to drive to see this ‘beauty’.

In the week before I was to go, I started googling information about transforming and repairing a camper and what I found out was very frightening.  Worse than a million zombies…or one single clown (equal frightening in my mind!).  These things could REALLY be bad and you would have no way of knowing without peeling the ‘skin’ off…..EWWWWW!  And not only that but since the early ones are wooden, they could be full of rot!  And even worse could be that the underpart thingie could be rusted and fall apart while you are driving down the road!  Oh…and if I DID make it home alive, it could cost maybe a million dollars or more to get it fixed so it would be safe!    Ok.  That was enough for me.  I called the man up and told him that I was not coming.  I think that he was actually happy as I believe I heard a slight whisper of a ‘oh thank god’ on his end.    I was just going to have to figure something else out.

In one of the conversations with the man selling the (now) God awful camper, he had asked me if I had heard about this group of women called ‘The Sisters on the Fly’.  Huh??  Were we talking about camping or flying planes?  I told him that I had not.  He explained that he thought I was possibly a member of this group.  Well, I had no idea and had never heard of this so I asked him to explain what this group was.  He told me it was a ‘huge group of crazy women that caravan in these campers they fix up’.  I’m not kidding…that is EXACTLY what he said.   Ok so maybe he wasn’t so thrilled with them somehow, but this intrigued me and you know what happened next:  I promptly googled the group.

Sure enough all kinds of pictures came to view of smiling women with arms around each other wearing cowboy boots, fluffy tutu looking skirts (which they call petticoats), and standing around or in front of their cute painted campers.  I noticed that some of the pictures of campers had all kinds of cutesy crap setting in front on tables, on the ground, and all around.  Hmmm…they must do rummage sales as well.  Well, I like rummage sales so that would be fun!   Other pictures showed women fishing and horseback riding!  OH MY…I have always wanted to learn to fish!  Fishing AND rummage sales!  This looks like fun!   The pictures were only the tip of the iceberg as I learned more about the REAL two sisters that started this club or group.  Heck, they even EARNED badges for things they accomplished!!   This was too good to be true…If I were to join I perhaps had a second chance at joining the Girl Scouts!  I felt my heart skip a beat as I ordered the book on Amazon  that would enlighten me about this fun group of women who claimed to ‘have more fun than anyone’!   I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE !!!!

Just as I hit my highest emotional point of excitement, that same car from my previous post hit the brick wall again (well, what was left of it).   Oh Wait.  I am camperless. I am not worthy of this group of women.  Back to the drawing board….  <SIGH>…

Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb but how well you bounce. ~Vivian Komori


3 thoughts on “The Camper that Got Away

  1. You brighten my day, love the closing quote! It really is about the BOUNCE!
    I wish that I could write, grammar, English and lit. were the worst for me in high
    school! You truly are gifted, waiting for the next blog! I can only imagine how much FUN it will be, with getting your camper!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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